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Your love life is ONLY based off of fate, if you do nothing to invest in it.

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Seductive Integrity

Custom Relationships

For most stable individuals in modern times, the goal of relationships is around fulfillment. The rigid and cookie custom aspects of traditional relationships really get in the way of passion and gratification. It’s likely that a lot of the issues you experience in relationships, or the feeling of something missing, can be fixed by taking a more customized approach to relationships in general. Romantic relationship(s) are truly one of the last things that should be one-size-fits all. It should be custom fit, to you and your partner(s).

Confidence & Dating

If you feel stressed by the idea of dating, then we would say there is a problem for us to help you with. Dating is supposed to be exciting. It’s also something that actually should never end. When it comes to a relationship, if you want to keep things alive and passionate, your dating mindset and skills will need to be in great shape. No body wants to being a relationship where they stop feeling seen, understood, explored and ravished. Wether you’re trying to become the best partner, date more frequently, or lead a higher quality dating life/experience, we can help. 

Sexual Artistry

The desire for connection and sex is at the core of so many of our decisions in life. However, it’s shocking how rare people deliberately put thought, and exploration into the expansion and quality of their sex life. Remove sex from a relationship and you now are left with a friendship and living partner. It’s the most artistic aspect of your human nature, and your connection with someone intimately.  We’ll help you replace the stress and shame with an open, liberated, playful and in many ways spiritual form of connection and passion.


Last thing you want is cookie cutter advice…

You’re unique; so is the person and the ideal relationship that you desire. The guidance given to you, and your relationship should also be custom fit. That’s why we evaluate & work with you 1-0n-1.

Confidence, dating, sexuality, or relationships… No matter what you’re wanting to improve, the guidance should be custom fit to you, your goals, your struggles, etc. You shouldn’t rely on cheap cookie cutter advice given away on youtube, or past off the cuff from a friend. These categories lead to the most profound memories of your life, don’t leave them to fate or a generic process.

The average person hopes for fate to fix their love life… The next level of commitment from someone will lead to them searching for advice, in private, online. Yet, if you want your love life to live up to it’s fullest potential. Go beyond just online advice, books from amazon and some awareness from therapy… Seductive Integrity is the most proactive process for improving your love life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find your questions answered below, sign up for a private 1-1 diagnosis and game plan call. Will we have the time and privacy to answer unique questions and go over a game plan that’s most applicable for you and your goals. 

What is Seductive Integrity? Whats the fundamental idea of how this will help me?

You, and most everyone in our society have been raised with a very inaccurate and misguiding belief: That love is based off of fate, or that it is a birthright for any good person…

So many of us have been led to believe that love is like a fairytale in the sense that “sooner or later someone is going to come along, become your ideal love, and then you’ll live happily every after”.

We have found that dating, love, sex, confidence, communication, relationships, etc are all skills and areas of education FAR more than they are luck based characteristics, or fate based milestones. If any one of those categories isn’t how you want it to be, you can learn a lot more about it, and you can expand and improve them often times 5x+. They do not change overnight (just like your levels of fitness or your business will transform over night). We teach you how to work on the categories within Seductive Integrity on a regular basis with valid and modern guidance. If you want to see big changes… You need to start looking at your love life as an area of continual self improvement (rather than a place to cross your fingers, rely on fate, or wish for a quick fix). 

Any person who is accomplished in big categories of life (examples: health & fitness, finances & business) understand that leaving them to fate isn’t a good game plan. Learning as much as you can, working on them daily as a lifestyle, constantly expanding your awareness, and regularly refining is what makes for growth and greatness.

In our programs, you will learn to never stop improving and investing with effort into your Seductive Integrity. Commonly within less than a month, our process starts to relieve so much of the confusions, and frustration that’s in your love life. Within months or years, other people will start to ask you “what’s the top trick you can tell me to improve as well?!?” To which you will say: “Stop looking for the one trick. It’s regular consistent work of trying to improve in whatever way is honorable and useful. Just start investing in your love life daily. If you want improvement as fast as possible, contact my Seductive Integrity Coach.”

What is your success rate?

It varies based on the scenario. However on average, 80% actually exceed their goals. This high rating is because we set very realistic expectations on our strategy calls. In addition to that, we are selective with the people we choose to work with. If we can’t help you with your goal in the time frame you are hoping for, we will tell you before you get into a program with us. We want it to be a win-win for you and for us.

8% reach their goals. Note that we even provide buffer periods in programs, in case unexpected issues come up. Let’s say for example you’re on track for your goal, but during the program you have a family member pass away. We will give extensions to your program in such cases to make sure you still have a healthy space and time to reach your goal.

12% fall short of their goal (almost always due to a lack of action). People in this category often still report enjoying the program, they just know that they aren’t using it as much, or as quickly as they should. Ultimately a lot of this is similar to getting in great shape, or making core lifestyle and character changes… Meaning so much of your success will require you tot implement and integrate what we teach, which is why we will press you to maintain a follow through of 85% of the advice given.

Note: We have members/graduates fill out feedback forms so we can understand how to improve. As of this being written, 86% indicate that “This program and the things I learned from it are priceless.” 12% say “It was worth what I paid.” That leaves 2% that report they “Think it was worth less than what I paid.”

We also have 42% of clients return as repeat customers for relationship or sexuality programs (oftentimes with their significant other participating).

What do you help individual people with?

You don’t want just a piece of the pie… You want the whole thing. That is why we cover all phases and aspects.

Most dating or relationship programs/coaches will only assist in one element (getting a date, or making a date go well, or an existing relationship, etc). We see that it’s never the case that someone only needs help with just one phase since all of the following categories are interconnected. We help people with any of the following categories:

  • Developing Confidence
  • Expanding Your Social Circles
  • Overcoming Fear of Failure, Insecurities, and Fear of Rejection
  • Approaching – Getting Quality Dates (In Person, and Online)
  • Improving Attraction and Connection on Dates
  • Sexual Progression
  • Sexual Connection & Artistry
  • Starting and Leading A Relationship
  • Creating your “Custom Relationship”
  • Preventing Bad Relationships and Learning When To Move On
  • Social Leadership
  • Overcoming Relationship Struggles
  • Expanding Your Purpose, Passion, and Overall Potential in Life
Do you work with couples?

We do work with couples and the good news is that helping couples is oftentimes easier than helping someone who is entirely single (as long as the couple comes to us at a good time rather than on the verge of breakup).

Apply for a call and we can see how we can help.

What do you help couples with?

A quick list of the things we help couples with can be found at the bottom of this answer… However, before that, let us point out some of the profound differences and beliefs that are at the core of our couples programs:

First off, intention and effort is essential for change to take place. The first thing we want to verify is whether or not each person in the relationship want to put in the work, and that they both trust that our process will work well as a relationship investment.

Here are some issues we see with traditional relationship therapy (that our system flips upside down):

  1. Often times 1 person is being dragged to couples counseling and doesn’t want to be there or isn’t committed to the work involved.. Frequently 1 person has faith in the counselor and the other feels a bit misrepresented or misunderstood.
  2. Therapy frequently takes place with both couples being in the same room. This makes opening up about difficult subjects somewhat pressured, and leads to inevitable blowups from triggering things suddenly being uncovered. This issue along with the one above frequently leads to therapy feeling like a scorecard experience along with bigger fights at home: “Well the therapist seems to agree with me that…” – “I can’t believe you said x,y,z”
  3. Therapy is not that old of a practice, but in many ways can be stuck in traditional ideas. For example: the idea of helping you find answers on your own over years of therapy (rather than just giving you the immediate answers you are looking for, and structures for actual change rather than just realizations of issues).
  4. The same goes with the idea of what a relationship is supposed to look like, and how it is supposed to function. Years ago, things were actually easier (but also less enjoyable) keeping a relationship together due to the fact that relationships 70+ years ago were heavily about financial and physical security for a woman and family (women didn’t have their own income, birth control was not as common, marriage was a strategy for stability more than an act of emotional love). In modern times, relationships are becoming less and less about financial and physical security, and they are becoming more purely about emotional satisfaction and overall fulfillment. This is leading to relationships that are stable but lacking passion being a sole reason alone for separation. This is also leading to the questioning of the traditional ideas of relationships from their values, their structures, their purpose, their rules, etc. Truth is, it’s time for a new model of relationships. One that is custom to you, custom to your partner(s), and custom to where you are at in life in the present moment. Your connection with your partner, may actually not be the issue… It may be that each of you are trying to force yourself to connect through a structure that no longer is well suited for modern times. We help you find that “custom relationship”.

What we do that is different:

  1. We make sure to start out working only the individuals who are ready to do the work of Seductive Integrity. For example if a couple came to us for assistance, and Person A was very passionate about working with us, and Person B was on the fence… We would suggest working with Person A at first. We would work to create positive change in the relationship through Person A, and if/when Person B starts to see the value, we would suggest a free session to see how we can work with them as well to then make it a full team effort.
  2. Each person is typically paired with their own coach, and most of your conversations will be 1-1 (rather than you talking to a singular counselor/coach while you and your partner(s) are in the room). This results in you having your own space to speak freely without feeling like you have to defend or throttle back your view (in front of your partner). If your partner is in a program as well, they will be doing the same with their coach/representative. Then coaches can talk together about what comes up and create ways to bring the relationship to a healthier condition without having to have all the rough misunderstandings and triggering conversations. This is also critical when helping couples customize their relationship. Think about how difficult it would be to answer the following questions in front of your partner(s) rather than solo with a trusted coach: “What in the relationship do you question and possibly want to change?” – or – “What are you greatest desire that you have wanted to explore (in life, sex, relationships, etc) that you have been fearful to bring up with your partner?” In a private coach to client space, a lot more can come to the surface, and then can go through a form of mediation and coaching. No point to have big fights and misunderstandings around things you both may agree on, but both fear saying to each other. After this process, we can have more group sessions where both of you are present.
  3. This is a coaching process. This isn’t just about uncovering what may feel off in the relationship. Each person involved will be given structured tasks to improve the relationship beyond the issues and desires that are exposed.

Common Topics We Work In With Couples:

  • Customizing the relationship to each of you. We have all been raised with notions of what a relationship is, what it should be, the timelines that should take place, what is “right” and “wrong”, the rules of what you can and cannot do, etc. Most all of it can be tossed out the window. You, as well your partner(s) should have a customized relationship. The slate should be wiped clean of all the cookie cutter notions. After all the things that you no longer hold onto are cleared, you can have the space to start exploring what each of you most desire, and how best that can be achieved together. No more one-size fits all relationships…
  • Developing your relationship with yourself again. Beyond the 3 month phase of being in a relationship, it becomes more and more clear, the priority of maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, and some devision of your life that is very much you, and for you. You and your partner(s) were initially attracted towards one another as individuals. Getting back in touch with that balance is key for a passionate relationship.
  • Regenerating Attraction and Connection
  • Sexual Connection, Sexual Exploration and Expansion
  • How to better navigate fights. Fights are present in all relationships. The quality of how you fight/communicate makes a huge difference to the quality of your relationship and connection.
  • Learning when to move on or when to compromise. Relationships require a level of compromise, navigating that with the person you are in a relationship with can be difficult. Non-bias outside perspective and guidance can be very helpful.
  • Expanding Your coupled purpose and passion in life.
You say you can't help everyone... Why is that, and can you help me?

 It’s a good sign that we don’t work with everyone, and that we don’t promise to be able to fix all scenarios. It’s a sign of honesty.

Companies who claim they can help anyone and any scenario are definiteyl lying. It’s a marketing tactic to get past your doubts and concerns.

Some people we can’t help simply because their goals are incredibly unrealistic. They may be looking for a magic trick that doesn’t exist. For example: “I’m out of shape, live at home with my Mom, and I want to date supermodels within a month.” or unhealthy goals: “I must attract back my ex (who has blocked me on all social media and says not to contact them.”

We also can NOT help people who display signs of:

  • Low integrity – honesty
  • Low positivity and high negativity
  • Low commitment – follow through

We are unlikely to be able to help:

  • People who are very unstable in life
  • People who may have disabilities that severely limit their social perception ability

The reason for our initial strategy calls is so we can get to know you, your specific goals, situation, expectation, etc. We will be 100% honest with what we can and cannot do. And we will be polite in the process.

 So in short, we can very likely help you if the above issues aren’t a problem, and you have a stable life, good self-leadership, and integrity.

 Simply book a call and we will help bring clarity to you either way.

Pricing... How much do programs cost?

If you are worried about being able to afford this, just talk to us about our payment plans on your call. We first need to figure out what level of support would best assist you. If we can’t work out a payment plan that works, that’s okay, we won’t make you feel bad about it.

With that being said, price (and duration of program) varies a LOT based off of the following factors:

  • How big and vast is your goal?
  • How far away are you from your goal?
  • Do you have a lot of complications or barely any?
  • Are you generally a pretty focused and accountable person or do you need a lot of support?
  • Do you want personal guidance from multiple Coaches and Male-Female Facilitators (our typical program)? Or do you only want the information, some group calls, but zero 1-on-1 support? Or do you want all the bells and whistles of complete support (for example a long-term program along with having male and female coaches fly out to work with you in person, in your city)?
  • Are you just coming through a program with us, or is it likely that at some point a partner will join you in the program?
  • Are you doing just the long term digital work, or are you wanting an in person experience as well?
But... "I'm Religious..." or "I'm Non-Monogamous..."

About 1/4 of the clients we work with desire to be very reserved around sex. Many of whom want to hold off until marriage for sex.

We also have helped out many people who want to explore ethical non-monogamous relationships of many variations and kinds.

We will support your beliefs either way, just as long as you aren’t trying to convert and mislead women who obviously don’t agree with your belief system.

There are plenty of women who want to hold off sex until after marriage, and there are plenty of women who want to explore ethical non-monogamy.

We want you to be true to your beliefs and to find a partner(s) who agrees with your views.

Will a Vimbasi Mentor fly out to work with me in person in my hometown?

Normally no. It is an option, however it’s just not going to be our top recommendation. We’ve been teaching digitally for 10+ years, we’re pretty good at it now. 😉

If you’re the type who wants to go all in as much and as fast as possible on your goals, then it’s an option to discuss.

Can you help me get my ex back (or attract a certain person)?

Situations where you already have a bad track record or low level of desire from the person you are pursuing are complicated. It’s hard to repair a situation that has already been lost… However, we will review the situation and give you our honest assumption of probability during your strategy call.

We have successfully helped people in these scenarios but we will only work in this situation if you are willing to move on and work on general dating if it seems like a lost cause.

Think of it like this: Helping you catch a new fish is typically a lot easier than catching a specific fish that already broke away and is scared-off or uninterested.

I'm really busy and I don't know if I will have enough time for a process/program like this... Thoughts?

We are used to working with VERY busy individuals… CEO’s, business owners, pro athletes/coaches, special operators in the military, people with careers that involve a lot of travel, single fathers with many kids, etc. So even though you’re busy it’s likely something we deal with frequently.

With that said:

If you don’t have the time to earn your goals in confidence, dating and love, then you MOST DEFINITELY DO NOT have the time to sustain the goals.

For example the time a relationship requires is a lot more than the time investment you will put into the program on a daily basis.

Also keep in mind that this area of life is in large part what makes people desire to work and workout… Why stay busy if it costs you in the enjoyment of true confidence, love, and passion…

Is this a dating app? Are you guys matchmakers?

We help you learn to attract dates on your own. Sometimes this will be with using dating apps (that we do not own). For some people online dating works, for some it isn’t the best option…

In regards to Matchmaking. It doesn’t work. That idea is built off of a faulty expectation that a successful love relationship only requires you to meet your ideal person and the hope that someone else can provide the perfect match.

Getting dates with high quality matches is just one piece of the pie… It’s very common that once we have men getting dates with women who are “out of their league”, the guy has to then focus on becoming a better man himself and providing a far better dating experience.

In short, we are far better and in depth than any dating app or matchmaker.

I might wait for a few years before I work on this... Thoughts?

By FAR the most common regret we hear members say, is “I wish I knew all of this stuff years ago… I’ve missed out on so many beautiful opportunities and have had rejections and breakups that could have been avoided…”

On top of that. We have worked with people from the age of 18 all the way up to 67. It’s frequently true that as people get older, they typically become more stuck in their ways, more hopeless in their mentality, less ambitious to fix their love life, and more jaded towards love, and more resentful towards the sex they are attracted to. Which then in turn could require a longer, more in-depth, and a higher priced program.

The sooner, the better… The sooner, the easier it is to change/improve…

You won’t look back and regret creating more confidence, love, and passion in your life… Just schedule a call and get the ball rolling.

Meet your Coaches:

Ander Adams

Ander Adams

Top Coach and Founder

Seductive Integrity started with Ander’s own underedog story. He went from being socially awkward and insecure, to being confident with a very noticable and love life. That change was recognized by many people who began asking him for guidance. He started coaching professionally in 2011 and has worked with over 1000 people 1 on 1. 

Shannon Boling

Shannon Boling

Female Coach & Female Facilitator

Shannon has always had a passion for personal performance and for human connection. She has been competitive in many atmospheres like being collegiate Volleyball Athlete and Award winning bikini body builder. However she finds her greatest passion in helping people learn how to more profoundly connect in love and life.

Sterling Magnell

Sterling Magnell

Self-Awarness Coach

Sterling has led his life at the top of the professional cycling world. Pro athete, to then becoming Top Coach for the Rwandan Rising From Ashes cylcing team, and now Scout for the US Olympic Cycling Team. His ability to navigate the inner workings of someones mind, awarness, and performance has been a pricelss in helping people gain clarity and growth.

Sergio Lopez

Sergio Lopez

Confidence & Character Coach

Sergio is a client who later became a coach. Knowing him will make you forever question saying “I can’t”. He is a former Navy SEAL and combat veteran. He died 3 times in training (yes you read that right). His story of perseverance is unlike any you’ve heard. He’s passionate about helping you develop perseverance and honor in character and life. 

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