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Client Testimonials

Met and attracted my wife because of this program. I definitely wouldn’t be close to where I am right now or have developed the tools to really look at myself and grow without this program pushing me into the right mindset.

Orion W.

Met Ander following my divorce and the hardest breakup of my life. Working with him helped me find true confidence and self-worth for the first time in my life. Highly recommend his services, knowledge, and guidance!

Jason G.

I’ve had personal limits and insecurities in dating and business put under the limelight in the most unorthodox, yet also somehow inspiring way; I’ve never met another who was able to so succinctly draw out my weakness and provide direction on how to make that same weakness a strength. I’m a different man now; I’m one who went from scared and directionless, to confident in my abilities to date and pursue my life passions. And Seductive Integrity gave that to me.

Jake A.

When it comes to what Vimbasi Warrior has brought to my life… This stuff is priceless! For people who are on the fence about getting into a Vimbasi Warrior Seductive Integrity program I’d say “it’s your funeral.” Prior to Vimbasi I felt like I already learned most of what I needed to know yet things were still not working. Through the program I was surprised to learn that my pattern was just going to repeat in life if I do not focus on improving my thoughts, and that passion is what women crave more than looks. I was living with a lot of beliefs and a lot of incorrect biases…

Timothy H.

This program is worth far more than I paid… It resulted in some big breakthroughs… My understanding of myself, in particular my own innate sexuality and desires, and the notions and worries that were holding me back, has been a very positive improvement in my life. My understanding of women’s minds, thought processes, and the ways of feminine sexuality has also really improved. Adding that to that extra push Seductive Integrity gave me to go out and talk to women has really upped my confidence in approaching women and sharing my interest in them in a genuine way. Though this development process isn’t over for me, this is what I hoping to achieve by becoming a Seductive Integrity Man.

Marc K.

Upon starting my work in the program, Ander worked with me to establish my goals. The program truly was tailored to me personally. As a female in the program, I also had the privilege of working with Alana, one of the female coaches. Both took time getting to know me, and I genuinely felt their care for me and my husband. I quickly connected with them both, and consider them friends. They worked to help me identify and get rid of shame, communicate openly, explore my desires, and much more. I am walking out of this program feeling more connected to my husband. We truly feel like a team, and it is so wonderful! I would definitely recommend Seductive Integrity! Don’t wait! My sex life and overall relationship with my husband is hands down better as a result of their coaching. Although we are done with the program, I know that our relationship will continue to grow due to the foundation we built with Seductive Integrity.

Lacey B.

Found a fantastic girlfriend that I plan to propose to soon. Through the program I got out of a really bad rut. I got my confidence back and gained a new perspective about women and relationships.

Luke c.

Having the capability to unlock a women’s mind, make her vulnerable as she opens up to you and realizing her desires, and doing so with integrity and ease… you cant put a price on that.”

Werner V.

If you’re looking to be the best version of yourself, highly recommend Seductive Integrity! The program is tailored towards building better relationships (being a better dater, partner, and/or husband), but really it helps/improves you in all areas of your life.

Steve C.

I’ve learned how important connection is with everybody, not just women. I’m thankful for thinking about my relationship with women as something I want my future son to see, and something I can tell my little sister about. I’m thankful for starting to pick up all the little things, like how simple it can all be… I’m dedicated to this for life.

Perry P.

To Ander. I wanted to extend my deepest thanks for all of your training and support in my search for a great mate. I met an amazing, gergeous, intelligent, bi-lingual & very positive lady. It’s been great with no signs of slowing down. Thanks again for all your valuable help and sharing it with me when it was needed. I’m very grateful.

Steve W.

It’s like you have a personal wingman guiding you every step of the way from start to finish.

Ryan R..

I’ve only been in the Seductive Integrity Program for a couple weeks now and it’s unbelievanle the impact that it has already had on my life. More than anything the realizations that I’ve had about myself and flaws in the way I’ve been managing my life that I was completely blind to. Ander has pushed me to excel beyond my perceived limitations already and we’ve only just begun. It’s hard work and I’ve really had to dig into my own mind, but everything that I’ve learned in this program rings out true. There isn’t a single things that I’ve read or heard from Ander that hasn’t made perfect sense and made a positive impact on my life.

Marshal D.

I am glad to have worked with Ander in Several of the Programs, and plan to do more in the future. I appreciate that he respects my standards and values and helps me work within them. He demonstrates integrity. He is fair, honest, and respecful. My money was well spent working with him. He provided real substance, and was generous in his time and interaction. I enjoyed the work, and effort, and changes that working with him required. He cares, and I consider him a friend.

My wife and I recently worked with Ander and Alana. My wife was apprehensive before starting and Iwas quickly put to ease. Working with us both together really helped us grow leaps and bouds in understanding our own desire, being courageous enough to express the desire, and we enjoy a healthier and more fullfilling relaitonship and sex life.

Nathan B.

As an avid seeker of personal growth and a better understanding of relationships, I approached Seductive Integrity with a measure of skepticism and hope. What I experienced was nothing short of transformative, especially under the astute guidance of Coach Ander.

Engaging with Ander is like turning the pages of a deeply insightful book, chapters unraveling the complexities of dating and relationships with a clarity that is both rare and profound. Ander is not just a coach; he is wise in the realm of human connections, and has an uncanny ability to distill convoluted emotions and interactions into articulate, understandable wisdom.

Ander’s sessions are a masterclass in understanding the nuanced dance of dating, the subtleties, and the quest for compatibility. His approach is strategic yet soulful, analytical yet deeply empathetic, and really helps me navigate with far more confidence and insight.

What stands out about Ander’s methodology is his exceptional skill in language. He articulates like the indescribable and helps me grasp the complexity of what I’m experiencing. Then he gives me tools to communicate and foster deeper connections and understanding.

The lessons learned in Seductive Integrity are multifaceted; they are about self-awareness and relational intelligence. Ander teaches that successful relationships are not just about finding someone but also about being someone who can recognize and contribute to a healthy, thriving partnership.. #ThisIsSoBig

The strategies and insights I gained have been practical and actionable. Whether it’s enhancing my dating life or enriching long-term relationships, Ander’s tailored advice is grounded in realistic and achievable goals. It’s a tailored approach.

The Vimbasi Warriors experience is not just about the immediate “wins” in love and dating. It’s comprehensive. Ander’s wisdom helps me grow, and I don’t feel like I’m reinventing the wheel, which is really helpful; life is short. I’ve been reshaping my worldview and the way I interact with potential partners.

For anyone feeling adrift in the sea of modern dating, or for those seeking a deeper connection within their existing relationships, Seductive Integrity, and the exceptional Ander, provides not just a compass but a whole navigational system.

So yeah, I really do recommend Seductive Integrity to anyone who values depth, authenticity, and intentionality in their relationships. Ander is more than a just a coach; he’s an inspiring man and he’s been so important to me as I’ve been looking to uncover the mechanics and the essence of connection.

Jeff R.

This teaches a beautiful way to live that makes your life worth living with enthusiasm and passion. Is there really a price that can be put on that? If you really want to become the best version of yourself, or to live a life of your dreams, you must do things differently. And believe me, this is different. What I like most is the fact that it is based off authenticity, integrity, respect, and genuinely caring for women as beautiful human beings rather than sexual objects to conquest by pick up techniques, or belittling women in order to gain their attention.

Here are some unexpected breakthroughs that I’ve had (with only being a quarter of the way through the program):

  • Realizing that I’ve been living life through “should’s” or “the right things to do”, which made life more of a “grind” instead of developing my life through “wants” and “passion”.
  • Understanding that it’s not “nice guys” who finish last, but “guys who don’t show up as their raw self”, or the men that only allow their best foot forward, coming off as “not real”. Men that only show sides of themselves that they think a woman wants to see and not “rocking the boat” by showing their real, raw selves are the ones that “finish last”.
  • I am allowed, and have the right, to feel. I don’t have to monitor and repress my feelings, but rather, I am allowed and have the right to feel my emotions fully, without explanation or justification.
  • You don’t have to ask women to be sexual, they are already more so than I am. However what I need and wish to do, is allow and invite them to be their sexual selves without judgement or shame.
  • I am not “broken” or at a “disadvantage” for being introverted. However, I do have to own that fact and integrate myself with that personality trait rather than trying to “disown” it and be someone I’m not.
  • Men and women have both Masculine and Feminine energy that they can develop, which influences the types of partners they attract in relationships. You must find your natural essence and play to that strength whether it’s more masculine, or feminine.
Justin T.

The biggest breakthrough that I had was in liberating my sexuality by relieving guilt/shame and learning more about women’s desires. As well as meeting my girlfriend. I’m definitely thankful for the guidance, as I would not have met her without it. The personal coaching, especially challenging me to dig deeper and be vulnerable and open minded is what I like most about the program. Where else can you get such personal and comprehensive feedback from a man who used to struggle [Ander] with women? The personal coaching with Ander and how often we were in contact. The flexibility where I can learn ay my own pace, the program can be 6-9 months (depending on Ander views my progress) and no hourly rate. The holistic approach that puts the responsibility on us to become the best man we can. Personality may attract, but character sustains relationships…

For a man who is hesitant about getting into a Seductive Integrity Program I would say if he has faced failure, rejection, and frustration in dating, this is one of the best solutions out there to invest in. To get any questions answered (relieve confusion) and pursue the best version of yourself. It’s more than I ever spent for 6 months of coaching or mentoring, but worth the value. Prior to the program, I had rarely been able to move from initial interest or friendship to dating or sex. I thought I learned a lot about women already from my failures and just needed to find the right compatible person. But I needed help.

Chandler C.

Have you ever felt like there just has to be a better more authentic and passionate way of dating approaching and understanding women but the world all around you (probably including friends and family) portrays an image that is frankly so full of shit, and unauthentic to you that, you feel like you’re losing hope?

I know that’s how I felt, I was out searching one dating program after the other, asking everyone I know and nothing I could find answered my questions or showed me what I was looking for. Then I found the Vimbasi Program and I heard Adam Anders say the words “Seductive Integrity” and I felt those words resonate with me and I looked deeper and I heard him talk about a way of life that is built not on all the empty pretensions that the world has to offer but rather on integrity and passion, how to live with a warriors heart, and how to express yourself in a way that is genuine to yourself.

So I got into the program and I knew by the end of the first session that I had found what I was looking for, I felt my heart start beating again as Ander showed me that I didn’t need to find a light in the darkness I had to light my own and he showed me how every step of the way. Since I started the Vimbasi program I have felt an awakening of passion in myself that I couldn’t have imagined before and while I am still and infant, I am learning how to approach women with the confidence of a lion, not because I’m the smoothest guy with the perfect pickup lines but because I live from the heart and I have integrity and respect in my approach so even if she turns me down flat, and it hurts like hell I can keep on going. Not because I didn’t care about her but because the goal of finding someone who I can truly love without reservation or regret is so powerful and real to me that I can carry forward no matter the adversity.

Someday I will teach my sons to be Vimbasi Warriors and I will quote Adam Ander’s to them. If I could say one thing about the Vimbasi way of life it would be that I wish I had found it a longtime ago. And whether you’ve bean married 30 years and want to awaken yourself to new level’s of love expression and passion or you’re just starting dating and want to do it right this program will be a life changing investment that you will never regret.

Isaac L.

The largest breakthrough for me has been developing a stronger sense of self, in terms of developing a better idea of the person that I want to be, not just in dating but in life in general.

I firmly believe that the responsibility to grow as an individual rests on my own shoulders, but the Seductive Integrity Program has given me the tools that I need to thrive. I haven’t finished the course yet, but so far I think that one of the greatest aspects of this program is that it provides an opportunity to question aspects of who you are, and to adopt new perspectives that can support you in becoming a greater version of yourself, from a place of Seductive Integrity.

There are certain aspects of the training that are similar to cognitive behavioral therapy. As a medical student, I understood the value of this in helping patients manage anxiety, depression, and a number of other disorders, but I hadn’t taken the time to recognize how much value it could hold in terms of helping me in my own personal development.

After being in this program for the past few months, I feel strong in a way that I’ve never felt before. I haven’t just seen improvements in my dating life, I’ve been able to create huge changes in the passion that I hold in relation to my career and my life in general with the help of the Seductive Integrity program, and what’s actually kind of exciting is that I know that I still have a lot of room for growth. That’s not something that I think I can put a price-tag on.

Aaron S.

My whole life has changed. Getting in touch with my “Vimbase” has overhauled my career my health, and has given me a level of confidence with women which I once thought impossible! Where each of these categories had once been barren wastelands of low self esteem charged apathy, my life is now filled with ever-increasing abundance.

At first it seems too good to be true. Like could this really work? It’s a significant amount of money to invest in something which seems abstract at first.

Being to work one-on-one with Ander, and to observe what it is about him which gives him his charm over women. I also really like the aspect of brotherhood which is a theme in the Vimbasi Warrior Seductive Integrity (the brotherhood). This helps me see others as part of my family, and to treat them with empathy and respect.

There’s nothing more important in a man’s life than understanding Vimbase. It’s allowed me to go from average and frustrated to feeling invincible. That’s all there is to say.

Devin S.

I stepped out of my comfort zone, implemented the material and approached women, and married a wonderful woman who I am very much in love with. I just had limiting beliefs holding me back, feeling unworthy of the good I desire. I had some doubts not because I thought the program might not be effective, but I had doubts in my own ability to overcome my paradigm and lack of belief in myself. The program It gets down to the root of any issues and primary causes of results. It caused me to be really honest with myself with where I currently am and what is stopping me I greatly appreciate how authenticity and integrity are placed to a very high standard. Also the material itself is really effective, very comprehensive.

The thing that was most unexpected for me from the program was how quickly one can start to see results. I feel that human happiness is largely determined by our level of gratitude and the quality of or close relationships. This material guides you to take charge of the quality of your personal relationships in love and romance, in a structured, cohesive, and authentic way. It helps to take charge of your life. And that is truly priceless.

Vladimir L.


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